Vre Lavi Ayiti - True Life Haiti

Executive Summary

The Nord Quest Department has been an area of Haiti given the least amount of attention by NGO’s and Non Profit Organizations but yet it is one of the richest areas for agriculture and could have the biggest impact for gaining self sustaining independency for Haiti concerning food supply. The recent political unrest concerning jobs and food supply is proof the Haitians do not want free food but they want the opportunity to grow the food for themselves which will grow the economy from the bottom up giving many Haitians the jobs they desire to have. It does no good to bring in big factories and industry if the majority of the population is unhealthy and malnutritioned which is sucking the life out of this country. Basic economics is to build a good foundation for the economy and the remainder of the economy will be more successful in growing itself. Why is this being called a program? Because this a new innovative model for developing a self sustaining rehabilitated economy, so the Haitian people can continue it on for themselves. Yes our plan is to work ourselves out of a job in this area so we can move on and repeat this model in other areas of Haiti.

Vre Lavi Ayiti would like to start this process with a Peanut Farming program on an unprecedented scale in the Nord Quest Department. Peanut farming would grow the economy while supplying a local business, Meds & Foods for Kids (MFK) with the much needed product they need to produce Medika Mamba, a RUTF, ready to use therapeutical food for giving relief to thousands of malnutritioned people. Vre Lavi Ayiti has already started gathering support for this major farming program and economic development. The University of Florida is preparing a seed transfer agreement now and wants to start a peanut variety evaluation program to assist with increasing the crop yield. The University of Georgia has responded they are most definitely considering my request and consulting with their stakeholders for this opportunity and to what extent their involvement can be with this program. The American Peanut Council has responded that they are ready to support this program in any way they can. We have visited and have ongoing communication with MFK and Technoserve for setting up training programs and training materials for the farmers. We have also been communicating with MFK concerning the quality of peanuts (inspection process for aflotoxins) and delivery logistics to the MFK factory in Cap Haitien. The Full Belly Project Organization will supply peanut sheller kits at half price. We have been in contact with Tractors for Haiti about obtaining 2 wheeled diesel tractors for soil preparation which will reduce the cost to prepare the soil for farming by 75%. We are currently working with a local missionary in Passe Catabois, Bruce Robinson who is affiliated with CrossWorld, to evaluate the needs concerning the non functional irrigation system already partially in place in the Passe Catabois area.

With this large scale program already starting to be initiated it has become apparent that it has generated a lot of interest and support. Vre Lavi Ayiti’s Executive Director has the education, past work experience and fortitude to manage this scale of a project. Vre Lavi Ayiti’s Executive Director has an amazing record of making what seems the impossible come to reality. With our leadership and the large scale support from many different entities, this program will have a substantial impact in a reasonable amount of time.

Instead of throwing pennies at a project for years, it is much more effective to combine our efforts and financial funding in a manner that will be very effective in a reasonable amount of time. We have the experience of being good stewards with the contributions and services that we are responsible for. The level of success that is predicted will far exceed the capital required to obtain this success. More than 95% of the funding will go directly towards the program’s success and no we will not be building any 5-star hotels for the program directors to live in. Giving true life to Haiti is our mission; hey that is our corporations name Vre Lavi Ayiti, True Life Haiti.

We are not selling a product so there will be no ongoing self generated income. But instead we are selling a way of life for the Haitians. This is reflected in our aggressive marketing strategy. Receiving a variety of services, contributions and grants will determine the size of success for this program. Using the three phase approach will give good opportunity to show proper accountability to our contributors throughout this project.

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