Vre Lavi Ayiti - True Life Haiti

Our Goals

Vre Lavi Ayiti key goals of our development projects involve high revenue peanut cash crops and marketing programs. Practical agricultural training and hands-on technical assistance are essential means to achieve these goals.


Vre Lavi Ayiti will bring farmer producer groups extensive training and technical assistance in propagation, production, post-harvest and marketing activities. Vre Lavi Ayiti will also develop an agricultural training farm, involving direct production and marketing activities for peanut farming. The production and marketing of peanuts will serve as a dynamic demonstration platform for collaborating farmers. Direct experience helps to focus on the constraints and develop practical solutions; successful production and marketing of crops act as a catalyst for participating farmers. The program focuses on improving production, grading and marketing skills.


Provide an opportunity to earn an income. Each person has certain abilities and talents that can be used. We want to interview persons to determine if we can assist them in creating a job opportunity for them. By providing a wheelbarrow, a power washer, hand tools, garden tools, or perhaps even a truck, we can begin to place one more person into the workplace.

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